Where's Eve?
Season 1, Episode 1
Wheres Eve
First Aired June 20, 2015
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"Where's Eve?" is the first and pilot episode of the 2015 American sitcom Eva & Eve. It introduces protagonists Eva and Eve, as well as their brother Brian.


The episode begins with Eva, who is frustratedly trying to complete a homework problem: 8 • 312 • x 🙂 (the smiley face was because she was bored). Finally, she gives up, and resorts to asking Eve for help. But Eve is nowhere to be found. Eva realizes that there's a good chance she's at the mall, and even if she's not, her brother Brian is working there, so she could ask him where she is.

When she gets to the mall, she cannot find Eve, but she does find Brian at a small shop. After claiming to be a homework "whiz", Eva gives him her homework, but Brian seems just as frustrated by the problem. He also doesn't know where Eve is.

Eva goes home and decides to look around the neighborhood to ask the neighbors if they'd seen Eve recently. She goes house to house in a large circle, with no luck whatsoever, until finally she curves back around to the last house, right next door to their own. The neighbor there pulls her close and whispers to her that Eve is in their garage. Eva quickly goes into the house and finds the garage door, pulls it open, and finds that Eve has set up an extravagant lounge for herself, complete with a flat-screen TV, snacks, couches, and of course, a curling iron for her hair. Eva is shocked by all of this but quickly gets past it and excitedly joins Eve on one of the couches.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Eva gets frustrated with math quickly.
  • It is also revealed that Brian's mathematical knowledge is not as prominent as he says it is.