The IDM Pictures Awards are a set of twelve awards for artistic and technical merit in the American film industry, given annually by IDM Pictures to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by a panel of judges including directors, producers, actors and viewers. The various category winners are awarded a certificate of achievement, free unlimited access to all future IDM Pictures premieres, and in the case of a winning actor or actress, a hardcopy of their winning film. The awards, first presented in May 2017, are overseen by IDM Pictures.


The IDM Pictures Awards were inspired by the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes and began in 2017. IDM Pictures viewers could vote for their favorite nominees through an online poll and the nominees with the most votes won the award.

Throughout the voting period (March - May 2017), updates were posted on IDM Pictures' official Instagram page informing followers which nominees were currently winning.


The awards given each year at the IDM Pictures award include:

  • Best Film
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Horror
  • Best Action/Adventure
  • Best Television Series
  • Best Talk Show
  • Best Game Show
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Composer

Previous Winners