Cindy Blooper Spoiler Alert! Please take caution before reading!

The Everett System is a criminal organization whose aim is to finish the job of famed gangster Marcus Everett, who had died in prison in the mid-1900s. During the time that the Everett System was active, the Halloween Bandits also were active, and because the Halloween Bandits' thefts were more unusual, they became more newsworthy than the Everett System, causing jealousy and resentment toward the candy-stealing teens among the Everett System's members.

Known Members

There are only a few known members of the Everett System, as most operate in secrecy. These include:


The Everett System had a special process to become leader, which involved many thefts. Whoever's loot was worth the most would become leader, as they had proven to be the most qualified for the job. However, its founder, known as Frisky the Anchovy by the police, because he left stamped paper with his name on it wherever he stole, was leader for up until the organization was disbanded. This was due to the Halloween Bandits, who had been prisoners temporarily in the Everett System's headquarters, and had told the police of the building's location after their escape, resulting in a raid causing the arrest of nearly all the members.

Conflict with Halloween Bandits

Because the Halloween Bandits were committing their thefts at the same time as the Everett System's, and the Halloween Bandits' form of stealing was almost unheard of, the Halloween Bandits became much more well-known. This caused Frisky the Anchovy to plant a spy in the midst of the Halloween Bandits, in order to find out information needed for eliminating them, clearing the path to fame for the Everett System. However, the group found out, and joined the secret rebellion against the Everett System, which was led by Frisky the Anchovy's cousin, a mysterious woman known as General Banks (Miranda Lewis ).

Frisky the Anchovy and his minions managed to kidnap the Halloween Bandits, but the spy's identity was revealed when they were being locked up, and she turned out to be a close friend of the group's. The spy, whose identity we will not be showing here for spoiler purposes, realized her wrongdoing and helped the Halloween Bandits escape.

Soon after, the Halloween Bandits tipped off the police as to where the Everett System's headquarters was, and most of its members, including Frisky the Anchovy, were arrested in a raid of the building. Because of this major loss of members, the Everett System was discontinued.