Smaerd is a distant planet inhabited by the iiehprom people. As of 2667, it is the only planet in the universe known to harbor life besides Earth.

When Earth began deteriorating and running out of resources in 2644, NASA decided to send a group of astronauts to scout out Smaerd to see if it could be a possible place to live. The group, known as Expedition Renaissance, departed Earth in September 2649 and arrived on Smaerd in February 2658. After determining that the planet was similar enough to Earth to harbor human life, but that the current inhabitants were too dangerous to live with, the expedition left and returned to Earth.

The planet is populated with dense suehprom oak forests, home to the suehprom owls, the planet's only native species besides the iiehprom.

Smaerd (the village Odihtron specifically) is the main setting for the 2018 film Expedition Renaissance, based on the expedition that visits the planet.

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  • "Smaerd" is "dreams" backward, referring to the obedient, blissful dream state inflicted by the iiehprom's hypnotic abilities.