Maggie McKay is an actress and singer and the brother of IDM Pictures' founder, Ian McKay. She hosts The Maggie Experience and stars in the IDMPTV sitcom Eva & Eve.

She also made an appearance on The Ian Show, played the Aztec farmer in Escape from the Aztecs, and had a cameo role in Halloween Bandits (although her scene was cut).


McKay was born in late 2005 and grew up in California with her brother and her parents. She loved to sing as a kid and decided to pursue it, as well as acting, as a career.

She was cast in two films by IDM Pictures and starred in several shows, including The Maggie Experience and Eva & Eve.


McKay got into acting and singing at an early age, starring in sitcoms like Eva & Eve and hosting her own talk show, as well as releasing two singles and an extended play called Totally Adorable.

Currently, she is working on a new album whose name is undecided. It has been announced that the album will feature a remake of a song she wrote when she was little, titled "I Left My Ways", as well as a short song called “Mieh Tebbu”.


List of Works

Year Title Role Production Status
2016 Escape from the Aztecs Aztec farmer Released
2017 Halloween Bandits Eva Walters Released
Year Title Role Episode(s)
2015 The Think-Tac-Toe Show Miss Mayhem "Vocabulary Mayhem"
"Wheel of Vocab"
2015- The Maggie Experience Herself "Maggie McKay's Inner Secrets Revealed (AU)"
"Ultimate One-Person Dance-Off (AU)"
"Joey Wilkie Guesses His Destiny"
"Mafia Mystery"
"Maggie McKay's Inner Secrets Revealed II"
2015 Eva & Eve Eva Philly
Eve Philly
"Where's Eve?"
2015 The Ian Show Herself "Pilot"



Main article: Albums by Maggie McKay

McKay is known for her music and her singing voice, and has done a few albums with IDM Pictures Records.

She is currently working on a new album that not much is known about yet.

300 Feathers
300 Feathers
Eva & Eve (Official Soundtrack)
Eva & Eve Official Soundtrack
A Maggie McKay Christmas
A Maggie McKay Christmas
Totally Adorable - EP
Totally Adorable Album Cover