Mafia Mystery
Season 1, Episode 2
Mafia Mystery
First Aired April 1, 2016
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"Mafia Mystery" is the second episode of the Maggie Experience. It guest stars Sydney Shipley, Alyssa Samuels, and Ian McKay.


The episode starts out as normal, with Maggie introducing the special guests: Sydney Shipley and Alyssa Samuels. Then she introduces Ian McKay, who informs the viewers that this episode will feature a game of "Mafia". He quickly goes over the rules of the game and hands each player a card.

When the game starts, Ian acts as the narrator. When they are all "asleep", it is revealed that Samuels is the Mafia, Shipley is the sheriff, and Maggie is the nurse. Maggie chooses to save herself and Shipley is killed by the Mafia. Next, the Mafia kills Maggie, and it is only her and a stuffed animal player left, and as the stuffed animal is only a townsperson and cannot defeat the Mafia, the Mafia wins.


  • In the second round, when the Mafia killed Maggie, she actually used her powers as the nurse to save herself but everyone on the set forgot and she died anyway.