Lip Sync Battle
Season 2, Episode 3
Lip Sync Battle
First Aired March 20, 2015
Song(s) "Molecules Gone Wild"
"Heat Transfer Song"
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"Video Vocab with Meily Mounts"
"Lip Sync Battle" is the third episode of The Think-Tac-Toe Show's second season and the twelfth episode overall. It guest stars director, screenwriter and actress Maggie Zuniga as an overexcited potential/kinetic energy expert named "Dr. Stubstance". The episode also features a science-themed lip sync battle.


The show starts out as usual, with Ian McKay introducing the special guest (Maggie Zuniga) as an energy expert called Dr. Stubstance. She immediately corrects him, telling him it is actually Dr. Substance, not Dr. Stubstance.

Next, McKay begins with vocabulary trivia, which Dr. Substance answers without hesitation every time. About halfway through the episode, McKay stops the questions and explains the procedure for a lip sync battle, after which they prepare their songs and get ready to go.

Lip Sync Battle

When they are ready, McKay starts the battle with "Gangnam Style" parody "Molecules Gone Wild". Dr. Substance follows with another parody called the "Heat Transfer Song".

After the battle, McKay declares himself the winner, and Dr. Substance explains that she has to leave early because she needs to vacuum her lab in preparation for a Jell-O monster she is creating.


  • The lip sync battle in this episode is the only lip sync battle on the show.
    • Most of the episodes in Season 2 were supposed to be lip sync battles but they were canceled.
  • Zuniga's character is introduced as Dr. Substance but she confesses in the bloopers that it is actually Stubstance.