Jayda Monreal is an American actress known for her starring role as The Girl in Nana's Doll. She also made three appearances on The Think-Tac-Toe Show and is involved with a few local plays in California, USA.

Monreal is also a YouTuber and currently has five public videos and two public playlists.


Monreal was born in late 2003. She went to preschool with IDM Pictures CEO Ian McKay and the two became friends. She moved to Los Angeles, CA for a few years, but then moved back, where she got involved with theater. Her sixth grade class (including fellow actors Addison Hubley, Maggie Zuniga, Carissa Carlberg, Kai Uyeda, and Eli Clifford) put on a production of E.B. White's Stuart Little exposing her to the theater and performing aspects of acting, and she was also invited to be a guest star on The Think-Tac-Toe Show, introducing the film and television aspects.

Later, in her middle school years, Monreal began acting lessons and began getting more significant roles, like her starring role in Nana's Doll and her supporting role in Expedition Renaissance.


Monreal is known for her work on The Think-Tac-Toe Show, Nana's Doll, "Into the Woods, Jr.", and YouTube. She took acting lessons from actor, writer, and director Aaron Metchik and is involved with a local theater in California.

In September 2017, she was cast in the upcoming short film Expedition Renaissance.


List of Works

Year Title Role Production Status
2015 Nana's Doll The Girl Released
2018 Expedition Renaissance Paula Frederickson Pre-production
Year Title Role Episode(s)
2015 The Think-Tac-Toe Show Kona Parat
Miranda Sings
"Interviews and Sandwiches"
"Wheel of Vocab"
"Faux Miranda Sings"