Halloween Bandits: Middle School Reunion, or HB: Reunion for short, will be a short film acting as a sequel to IDM Pictures' 2017 film Halloween Bandits.


Three years after Halloween Bandits takes place, the candy-stealing crew reunites after disbanding at the end of their 8th grade year. Now, the members are all at different high schools, and are elated to see each other again, but soon receive bad news: Dark Thunder, the old second-in-command to the Everett System, has come out of hiding and is terrorizing Burglarville. The members of the club must band together to put the criminal behind bars, but it won't be easy. The first time they dealt with the Everett System, the members they encountered were close-minded and unintelligent. But Dark Thunder is in her own league, feared by even her own co-criminals. Are the teenagers up for the challenge, or will Dark Thunder succeed in exacting her long-wanted revenge?