Gary's Quotations are quotations made by Gary Tomalez, portrayed by Addison Hubley.

Right inside those doors is our future... and the future of America.

Gary Tomalez at the police station

Gary: We want to be fearless policemen...
Kai: Protectors of our country...
Gary: Defenders of what is good.
Kai: You know, like arresting bad guys and stuff.

Gary and Kai to Officer Richards

Kai: We're going to catch the Halloween Bandits!
Gary: Yeah, and then maybe you'll reconsider!

Kai and Gary to the Chief of Police regarding her giving them jobs

We've got you now!

Gary and Kai about the Halloween Bandits

Ah, we lost 'em! But, uh... I did get this cool mask.

Gary to Kai after narrowly missing the Halloween Bandits

Well, we thought it would be, uh, considerate, if we- uh- you didn't have to do anything, so we already thought up of a punishment.

Gary Tomalez to the Chief of Police regarding Charlie Wood's location