Gabe's World is an upcoming comedy television film directed by Gigi Moreé and Ian McKay. It was written by Ian McKay and will star Owen Moseley, Maggie Zuniga, and newcomer Collin Santoyo.



IDM Pictures announced that production had started on Gabe's World in early February 2018[1]. Filmmaker Gigi Moreé would be taking lead role in production, while writer and director Ian McKay would cast the short film.

In February 2018, Collin Santoyo, Owen Moseley, and Maggie Zuniga were announced to be the main cast


The film is currently still in pre-production. Filming is set to begin late February 2018.


  • Gabe's World welcomes several newcomer actors, including Collin Santoyo and Anthony Man.
  • This is the first collaborative film between Ian McKay and Gigi Moreé.


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