Emilia Gambucci (/'gambucci/) is an American actress and dancer known for her lead role in the upcoming short film The Adventures of Agent Moo Moo. She was also cast in the 2017 film Halloween Bandits but resigned due to prior commitments.


Gambucci was born in the early 21st century and grew up in California, USA. All her life, she has been involved with acting, dancing, and other various forms of theater and performing.

She has been in several large bi-yearly performances with her dance studio, Ryan's American Dance, and was cast in a few short films by IDM Pictures.


Gambucci took an early interest in acting and dance. As well as several major dance shows with her studio, Gambucci has been cast in a few short films.

In late 2016, she was cast as the character "Killer Queen"[1] in the short film Halloween Bandits; however, she had to cancel as she could not show up to filming due to prior commitments. Instead of replacing her, the producers simply wrote her character out of the script, as they were nearing the end of the filming period and didn't want to go to the extra effort to find a new actor.

In 2017, she was cast as Agent Moo Moo Milkbutter in the upcoming short film The Adventures of Agent Moo Moo, which is currently in pre-production mode[2]. She was a major part of getting production started, because she was the inspiration for the film, with the title and her own character's name based off of her own nickname


List of Works

Year Title Role Production Status
2018 The Adventures of Agent Moo Moo Agent Moo Moo Pre-production