I know what to do.

—Davey in the final moments of his battle against Cobra-Kai

David Michael "Davey" Wilson is the protagonist of Davey the Ninja. He is the only child of Alice Wilson (portrayed by Amy McKay) and Michael Wilson (who does not appear in the film) and is devoted to the art of ninjutsu, which is taught to him by his friend and mentor The Grand Master.


Davey is adventurous and outgoing and nearly always happy, but is saddened easily and is known for giving up.


Davey has brown hair and long bangs, blue eyes, and an outfit consisting mostly of black.


As seen in the summary on the back cover of Davey the Ninja, Davey is ten years old. The movie was released in early 2016, so by now the character would be eleven.

Also using the information above, Davey should have been born in early 2006 to Alice and Michael Wilson (making him barely younger than Eva Walters from Eva & Eve and Halloween Bandits).