Curious Events is an upcoming horror sitcom that is a spin-off of the Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things. It is directed by Ian McKay and will be released in late 2018.

The show will be set in the fictional town of Stratford, California, where a strange, unknown disease begins to spread to the unsuspecting citizens. High school freshman Mike's older sister is sick with the plague, so he teams up with friends Joe and Sarah to find a cure and save the town.

Cast and characters


Season 1

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When a mysterious plague begins to take over the town of Stratford, it's up to ninth graders Mike, Joe, and Sarah to find a cure - but supernatural forces stand in their way.

Plot summary



# Image Title Director Writers
1 - "The Silent, the Strange, and the Skeptical" Ian McKay Ian McKay
The first day back at school for Stratford High brings many things for its many students, including friend drama, homework stress, and strange occurrences.
2 - "My Teacher is an Alien" Ian McKay Sophia Naso
Ian McKay
Rose is concerned when Elizabeth doesn't show up to school; Mike and Joe develop a conspiracy theory around their math teacher's cruelty, much to the skepticism of Sarah; Karen is fired from her job.
3 - "Odder Occurrences" Ian McKay Ian McKay
Joe gets into a fight while standing up for Mike. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is back at school, but she's acting strangely.
4 - "The Disease" Ian McKay Ian McKay
Over thirty people stay home from school sick, including Rose, and there are only seven people left in Mrs. Meyer’s class; many of Karen’s co-workers are out sick as well; Mike, Joe and Sarah investigate the outbreak.
5 - "Fifty Shades of Blue" Ian McKay Ian McKay
The number of sick students has doubled, and Mike, Joe and Sarah are the only ones left in Mrs. Meyer’s class; Rose’s sickness gets worse; Mike, Joe and Sarah research a potential cure.
6 - "Claustrophobia" Ian McKay Ian McKay
The government hears about the plague and quarantines Stratford and the surrounding area. With school canceled, Mike, Joe and Sarah have free time to do some digging into the disease, and start working on their cure. Meanwhile, Rose gets even worse, and has a terrifying vision of the future.
7 - "The Final Countdown" Ian McKay Ian McKay
The U.S. Military takes over Stratford, while the kids hurry to finish their cure in time. Elizabeth and Tommy lead their newly formed army to the Tracy's house to destroy the cure.