Sorry, Celia. This is for your own good.

—Cindy to Celia Wong after her imprisonment

Cindy Lopez is a teenage girl in the Halloween Bandits. She is best friends with Celia Wong, another member of the Halloween Bandits. Cindy, like the other original members of the Halloween Bandits, attended both Burglarville Elementary and Burglarville Middle School. She is played in Halloween Bandits by Carissa Carlberg.


Cindy's father was of Hispanic descent, hence the last name, but her mother was from New York, giving Cindy the classic American blond look. Her parents, Carlos and Amanda Lopez, both had parents who were sticklers about candy, and rarely allowed them to eat sweets, so the same was applied to Cindy. Like the childhoods of all of the Halloween Bandits' members, Cindy's was a sugar-free one, which led to her befriending Brianna Remiori, Sabrina Walters, Charlie Wood, and her best friend Celia Wong, all future Halloween Bandits.

Cindy also has a little sister, Haley, who ran away when she was young to join the Everett System.

The Halloween Bandits

Cindy's role in the Halloween Bandits was unnecessary but vital at the same time- double-checking that the others were doing their jobs. If anyone was to say, "Did you remember the bag?" or "Did you disable the security?", it would be Cindy. However, she wasn't much of a spy, and made very little efforts to stay quiet and inconspicuous. The other members were concerned that Cindy, one day or another, was going to get them arrested, but because all the people they stole from were sleeping at the time, it never happened. After graduating from Burglarville Middle School, Cindy enrolled at Virida High School, where she is currently a freshman.