The city of Burglarville is a small town in Burglarville County, California. It is famous for being home to the Halloween Bandits, and also many robberies. It was founded in 1851 during the California Gold Rush, and is now known for its local restaurants, history museum, the Burglarville High School football team (Burglarville Bandits), and extremely low-ranking school district in terms of state testing.

The city is also the main setting for the short film Halloween Bandits.


Burglarville was founded in 1851 as a Gold Rush camp by miner Millard Pritchett from Boston, Massachusetts. Its economy was almost entirely based on banking, due to the immense need of a safe place to store gold found in the American and Sacramento Rivers. This led to many thefts, as each bank (including the town's first establishment, Pritchett Bank) held at least $1.2 million in gold. This earned the town its crude name, "Burglarville".


Most robbers in Burglarville's early days were never caught, due to the town's lack of government. One of the earliest known robbers in Burglarville was Marcus Everett, jewel thief and grandfather of Frisky the Anchovy, and more recently, Igor Von Friederich and Matthew Everett.