Officer Amelia Richards, commonly known as Officer Richards, is a Burglarville police officer. She works as a law enforcer and police office receptionist.

She is portrayed by Ryana Richards.




Officer Richards seems very bored when on duty as office receptionist (as seen when Gary and Kai pay a visit to the police office) but excited when out serving justice around town (as seen when arresting Pyro, The Duke, Johnny Boy and Frisky the Anchovy).


Officer Richards seems exasperated by Gary and Kai's overenthusiastic attitudes, and seems tired and bored when interacting with them. Gary and Kai, however, are undeterred, and squeal with delight when she finally agrees to take them to meet the Chief of Police.

The Chief of Police seems very familiar with Officer Richards and knows her very well, like when Officer Richards brings Gary and Kai to meet her and the chief assumes that she is needed for instructions about 4-year-old delinquents.